In the last month, salaries have been the highest since 2017.

Bitcoin has paid off extraordinarily this year for everyone who dug it, so their highest recorded income in 2020 was on December 3, two days after this cryptocurrency reached a value of $19,700.

So, the “miners” put a total of 21.76 million dollars in their pockets that day. In November alone, they earned $550 million from the successful listing of this risky asset, which is booming in times of crisis.

According to the data of the consulting company “Bankr”, between November 9 and December 8, Bitcoin miners earned 551.45 million dollars. Daily turnover averaged $18.38 million, and to better understand how miners profit from Bitcoin growth, here’s a simple equation: they make money when they successfully make the next block of transactions.

Will classic money die?

Bitcoin “pulled” the record from 2017 for a long time, and then high mining fees came this year, when the value of Bitcoin approached $20,000. This means that in the last month, the salaries for miners are the highest since 2017.

Many investors have remained loyal to him since he appeared, moreover, they continued to buy Bitcoin when it was at its lowest levels. The growth of the income of these miners now encourages others to place their trust in the most popular digital coin.

It is not negligible that the miners, less than six months ago, received half as much Bitcoin for one completed transaction. Max Kaiser firmly believes in Bitcoin and believes that it is only a matter of time before he replaces the so-called “fiat money” (classic money, which the governments have declared a legal tender).