How Much Is Bitcoin?

February 8th in the morning. Bitcoin is $9,800. Since the middle of December 2019, Bitcoin has gone from $7,000 to this point.

After it recovered in July, the crypto coin has increased its value with minor drops. It all started in 2019.

However, BTC stayed inactive for a long time in 2018. What’s causing this surge?

How Much Is Bitcoin In February?

What we’ve seen is consistent growth since the beginning of 2020. Two factors explain this positive trend.


Bitcoin is popular for being the less volatile crypto-currency. As transactions become more secure, more and more people will accept it for trading. It will bring more buyers, and the existing ones will rely more on Bitcoin.


Mining technologies are also improving. By the second half of 2020, most companies will start using a new method to make mining twice more efficient. It will make the coin more valuable and accessible.

Bitcoin In February: What To Expect?

We use to predict the market based on what we’ve seen recently. If the trend continues, people may mistakenly believe that it will stay like that forever.

In February, a surge has a higher chance than a crash. As long as there are more buyers than sellers, prices go up.

This market demand defines in three forms.

  • . How many people interact in the crypto markets?
  • . How often does an investor make a movement?
  • . How much Bitcoin do they buy or sell?

Quantity will always increase. Frequency depends on the investor impulsiveness. For example, most crypto news is designed to increase activity, so others either buy or sell.

Volume depends on the investor approach. A long-term thinker will probably invest heavily, ignoring the short-term events. Higher volume saves more costs.

Again, volume depends on confidence. You won’t likely see a daytrader throw millions. If you trade frequently, you have more costs and risks, which forces you to reduce the volume.

Bitcoin Based On Market Psychology

For many months, BTC has stayed under $7,000. It started surging two-three months ago. Most investors will have had enough time to participate.

But what could go wrong? Could the prices plummet? Only if buyers decide to sell, all at the same time.

Early investors will want to sell their Bitcoins once the price is high enough, causing it to go down. Inexperienced investors will sell to “protect themselves,” thinking it won’t recover. This behavior also makes the price decrease.

The question is, when will they sell? It depends on how people estimate the market ceiling. Bitcoin history shows it as $10,000. Recent researchers expect it to change to $100K.

All in all, people are optimistic about the future. Experts expect it to reach $15K in the first half and cross $20K before 2021. Some like McAffee think it’s an exponential curve, which is why it could even reach $1 million.

The daily prices may change a lot. Despite the ups and downs, Bitcoin goes up due to reasons beyond speculation. Technology improves. More people join the market every day.

The best way to profit in February is to be prepared. You can always sell, but buying Bitcoin may be too late. In 2020, investors will lose money because of not being in the game, not because of bad timing.

The History of Bitcoin’s Price

There has been the volatile trading history of bitcoin since it was first formed in 2009. There has been many action with digital cryptocurrency in its short life. Initially, bitcoin traded for nothing but there was a real price increase in July 2010 when it increased from $0.0008 to $0.08 with a single coin. From that time, bitcoin price history has experience many crashes and rallies. Bitcoin began to take off since 2013. A digital currency started year trading for about $13.50 for every bitcoin. In April 2013, the price rallied to get over $220 concisely before it drop down in mid-April to about $70. This was its first rally and the associated crash of the currency.

Bitcoin started to rally again between October and November in 2013. At that time the currency trading was about $100 in the beginning of October. It was then about $195 when the month of October was coming to an end. By the time the month of November was coming to an end the price had shifted from $200 to more than $1,120. The new rally resulted because of the new bitcoin miners and exchanges when China entering in the marketplace. This was the same period when Mt. Gox exchange was in operational. Mt. Gox was physically involved to about 70% of all transactions of bitcoin.

The price started to become very volatile when it reached at these high. Rumors for lack of security and poor management through Mt. Gox made the market to be nervous. Those people who had problems started to withdraw their money and stop exchange. In the month of December 2013, the price reached high point at $1230. When it was 7th, December, the price fell to about $750, a drop which was 39% within some days. There was the trading stability to some extent to about $920 in the month of January 2014. Nevertheless, there was another key crash in the beginning of February during the time Mt. Gox exchange being filed for the China bankruptcy protection. The price of bitcoin was $911 in February 4 though it shot up by February 16 to $260. This was the 71% decline but the price recovered again in the month of March 2014 trading to about $620.

There was another drop of the price slowly and more gradual with the currency trading to about $600 in 2014, mid-July. It declined down to about $315 when 2015 started. The price stabilized again to a particular level during the summer season in 2015. However, in the beginning of November there was another great spike. Currency shifted from about $275 on 23rd October to a short close for about $460 in November 4 to certain exchange. The currency was sold and traded to about $360 in the end of November the year 2015. There was a steady rise of bitcoin in 2016 and then break through to $1000 in the beginning of 2017.

In 2017 there was a fall in price but started to rise higher and higher and in October that year it broke to around $5000. It doubled again to around $10000 and in December 2017, bitcoin price reached to around $20000. Just for some weeks the price fall again swiftly, crashing down to below $7000 during the month of April 2018. Ii November 2018, it again when below $3500. There was again new resurgence in the price in 2019 and this has made a drastic rise.

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